My art work attempts to express human tenderness through the expression of those with whom I can relate or resonate with in some way, for me this appears to be animals. On a deeper level, my work explores, and questions what connects all beings - prior to our physical expression.

Last year I was nominated and shortlisted for 3 Artists Open House Awards, of which I gratefully won the Best Newcomer.

This year, 2018, my painting, HERD, which incidently you can see in progress above, has been selected to be hung at the Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition.

I have just been shortlisted for the Brighton Artists Open House 2019 brochure cover award. 

Recent exhibitions include:

AOH May 2017/ May 2018, The Grange Rottingdean March 2018, Brighton Buddhist Centre May 2016/2018, Cambridge Buddhist Centre February 2018, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

For 20 years I worked as a professional illustrator for clients in editorial, advertising and publishing, before embarking on a career in painting purely from the heart.

If you have got this far, thank you for looking!